Sunday, January 17, 2010


Aaahhh, Singapore. I miss it already. Actually I started missing it as soon as we arrived in KL, but that’s another story. Maybe I loved it so much because I had not one iota of expectation for it. We added it onto our trip at the last moment. Our initial flight into KL had been sold out, so we took the next flight our agent offered…which led us to Singapore.

We only had two days there, so we made the most of them. We left the airport at 5:30am and didn’t stop wandering around until late that night. The next day we wandered all around the city too. One surprising thing about our trip was that I lost weight. Even though I was eating two to three big meals a day, I worked off the calories by walking 6 – 8 hours most days.

When I think of our trip, I’ll remember what this lady from Prague told me. I met her on a boat in Thailand. When I asked her what she did for fun in the Czech Republic, she said, “I guess I am like a pervert. I like to walk around looking at things and also to sit in the park”. So, I guess you could say that we are like perverts too. We walked around looking at things, and sat in many parks.

We spent our first night in the Singapore International Terminal. Our flight didn't land until 12:30 am, so the busses and the metro weren't running at that time. It seemed like a good idea to bed down in the airport instead of spending a bunch of money on a taxi. In hindsight it's still a good idea. I slept quick nicely with my backpack as a pillow. There were other people like us sleeping around there it felt safe.

Our first meal in tasted a lot better than it looks.

Surprisingly we didn't try this place. I favor more flowery adjectives when it comes to describing food.

Our first tourist spot in Singapore...

It's purported to be one of the best botanical gardens in the world. I sure liked it.

It was full of families and nannies enjoying the beautiful day.

I have to say, maybe because Jason keeps reminding me, that I need a bit more practice shooting videos. I hope this doesn't make you sick...or annoy you with my constant commentary.

Cute little bugger.

One of the many types of palm trees in the gardens.

I would love to live in Singapore...I'm sure I'll be searching the want ads there from now on.

This is the area where our hostel was located.

Someday, I'm going to buy one of these little numbers. They're so beautiful.

We discovered many different delicious dishes while sampling the local cuisine.

These are the most common types of places for eating cheap in Singapore. It's a large market-type atmosphere with a ton of different stalls to choose from.

Hindu Temple

It was the rainy season in Singapore and we were lucky to only experience the rain in the evenings.

To escape the rain we wandered around a mall for a little while. (I know...I probably shouldn't be admitting this.)

We sat across the street from this temple on the first night and shared a Tiger beer. Drinking is something we didn't do much of in Singapore - too expensive.

On our second day, we went to the Bukit Timah Reserve. Though fairly small, it's one of only two primary rainforests located within a city - Rio de Janeiro has the other one.

I think people must be ignoring this sign. The monkey's seemed fairly aggressive to me.

Long-tailed Macaque

The trees made me look really skinny.

Believe it didn't take us nearly as long to get to the summit...and Jason even had a camera in his hands.

This is the pom-pom tree. It's native to Singapore.

And this is the crazy root tree...also native to Singapore.

If you look closely, you can see it's tongue shooting out of it's mouth. I bet he can touch his nose.

These are the monkeys I mentioned earlier. They were hanging out on the trail and had a baby monkey with them. We waited a while to see if they'd clear off the trail but they didn't seem as though they were going to move anytime soon. I suggested that we ignore them and just walk by. As we were walking by, one of the monkeys hissed at Jason. I turned around and saw it baring it's teeth and running after us. I got a bit freaked out. I screamed, "Run!" and Jason and I barrelled through the rest of the monkeys until we made it past them.

They're still super cute though.

After a short siesta and freshening up, we walked along the riverfront area.

Here is where we could have had a really expensive dinner if we chose to - we didn't.

There was an interesting mix of old colonial and modern skyscrapers along the water.

The hedgehog is the local name for the art theatre behind us...and the Singapore Flyer is off in the distance.

This creature is the offical symbol of Singapore. It has a lion's head and a fish body. I don't know why it's puking up water though.

If you look closely you can see white balls floating in the water.

They're for the New Year's celebration. You get to write your wish for the New Year on them and float them in the water until something happens. I didn't quite understand what that something was...but I'm sure it was very spectacular.

Singapore is a very romantic city to wander around.

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