Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've been a part of two book clubs in my life. The first one, Poppy and I started our last semester of college. While most people were cramming for tests and sending out resumes, Poppy and I sat at coffee shops drawing up lists of things to occupy our time. (We only took two classes our last semester.) One thing on our list was to plan (or more accurately fantasize about) our trip to Mexico and Central America. Another one was a book club. We gathered a great group of ladies together, read a bunch of books, drank some decent wine, and ate delicious food. The books I remember from that time are A Room of One's Own and Little Alters Everywhere. After we left, the book club continued on and may still be in progress (it was going strong a few years ago, but I haven't inquired since).

The second book club is one that I'm a part of currently. It isn't a Korean book club, it's a Skype book club with a group of wonderful friends I met in Flagstaff. However, no one lives there anymore.

Our new book club meets once a month and lasts anywhere from 2 - 5 hours depending on what's happening in our lives. We've read some wonderful books so far - Three Cups of Tea, The Winner Stands Alone/The Alchemist, Love Medicine, Midwives, Here on Earth, ect. I look forward to these discussions all month. Sometimes we have deep, in-depth conversations about love, life, our personal legends, deceit, brief encounters, daydreaming, ect. Sometimes though...when there are a few of us who haven't finished (or read) the book, we look up the 50 hottest men of the year and discuss them in depth. Either way, it's always a blast.

I'd like to introduce you to these lovely ladies. In reverse alphabetical order, here they are:

Poppy Villavicencio

I first saw Poppy in a business class in college - we first met at Flagstaff Brewery. She's a sagittarius who likes yoga, fasting, walks in the woods, and Peruvian men. Together we survived Huehuetenango, bedbugs, and Guatemalan bandits. She currently resides in Burnsville, MN with her husband Edward, and little girl Ananda.

Nicole Hanson

The first time I met Nicole, I invited her to a Thanksgiving party. I knew right away she was a cool chica - she even owns a Jeep Wrangler! Nicole likes sleeping in, playing with her puppy Berlin, Sedona daytrips, and eating the fine cuisine her boyfriend prepares. Although she professes to hate the cold, she's contemplating leaving Las Vegas for frigid mid-west winters.

Lara Lau Schommer

Lara and I were like two ships passing in the night. We met briefly in Flagstaff but she returned to Minneapolis around the time I started hanging out with her group of friends. We became close after I moved to MN which is where she lives with her husband Jeff, and rather large dog Moose. Lara is an activist, a bike rider, a music lover, a great tour guide (I've seen all of the houses of her childhood friends), and the only person I'd want to be stuck in a pine box with.

Erika Henderson Flak

I don't remember when I met Erika, but we had some great times in college and even hiked the Grand Canyon together. I only wish I had spent more time in her company when we lived in Flagstaff. She's one funny girl. Her passions include karoke, taking in stray animals, hair extensions, and most recently snuggies. Her and her husband were married in Alaska and now live in Susanville, CA.

Carley Saravia

I met Carley through Nicole, but we didn't start hanging out until Nicole moved to Vegas. Then we tried to get our boyfriends to become friends, which was a surprisingly trying experience - now they're great buds. Carley is a talented jewelry designer, avid house painter, garage sale enthusiast, and great pen pal. She's also one to dole out wise words when they're needed most. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband Stefan, and two children, Aislyn and Greyden.