Monday, April 28, 2008

Riot Gear

When I was little, my brother used to have two paintball guns. One had nice little pellets that didn't hurt when they hit you. The other gun however had huge marble sized pellets with hard plastic shells. I still rememer how much those hurt. My brother used to make me put on old clothes and run around the back yard while he shot at me. I'm sure he let me shoot the guns a time or two but I don't remember that as much.

I was thrilled when we were invited to go paintballing with some friends recently. We donned real paintball gear; jumpsuits, body pads, and helmets. We were also given high powered paintball guns which to my pleasure (or later displeasure) came with the marble sized paintball pellets.

During the introduction/instruction part of the game, we were told we had to be 7 meters away from another person in order to shoot them. For the most part I think people obeyed this rule. However, I jumped out from behind a crate and suprised someone on the opposing team. He shot me three time in quick succession - each pellet hitting me on the inner thigh.

I think the three half dollar sized purple bruises are going to look fabulous with my swimsuit. If I forgot to tell you before...we're going to the Philippines for ten days. We're leaving this weekend. I'm so excited I can hardly think about anything else. :)

We're pretty intimidating, aren't we?


Fritz said...

once i dropped a guy in a creek with one of those marble-sized paintballs in his crotch. guess he shouldn't have run toward me.

have fun in the Philippines, guys. i'll be in KY for the derby this weekend with a philippino. (my buddy eduardo, aka porno ned) so really, our trips have nothing in common;)


Nathan said...

I like the teaching outfits. The kids must be vicious down south.