Friday, March 28, 2008

Springtime in Ulsan

I've been too busy enjoying the beautiful spring weather here on the Korean penninsula to post much lately. I thought you might like to see why. Here's some of the gorgeous trees that are all around the area where Jason and I live.

The first flowers below are cherry blossoms - which I was expecting to see. The others are more of a surprise though. The second flowers I posted below are azaleas. Their blooms are turning entire mountainsides purple. Jason picked a handful of them and they're decorating our apartment right now.

The last photos are of magnolia trees. When I was young there was a magnolia tree that was in the front yard of a house we rented in California. I loved that one beautiful tree. Here they are planted all around the apartment buildings that I walk by on my way to work. The flowers only last a few weeks but they're my favorite tree flowers by far.

Cherry Blossoms



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