Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gampo to Bangojin

Jason and I had heard that we live less than 10 miles from the ocean as the crow flies (according to Lara speak) and last weekend we found out that it was true. We'd tried to go once a few weeks ago by bus but the damn thing never showed up. Instead we sat at the bus stop for an hour wondering why the bus skipped us - we still don't know. Some random Korean characters (random by my untrained eye) showed up on the video monitor at the bus stop and the few other would-be passengers walked away in various directions. Presumably to kill time waiting for the next bus or to find another route. We went back to our apartment too frustrated to try to piece together the mystery.

Last Saturday, Jared picked us up in his cute little compact car, and off we went. Our seaside visit was relatively similar to what it's like visiting the ocean in the northern states of the U.S. People were feeding the seagulls, children were snacking on food from vendors, and locals hawked their wares. Of course the seagulls were fed puffed rice treats, the children snacked on dried squid, and the locals sold seaweed. But you know...potato - patato.

Here's an interesting piece of Korean history. One of the Silla rulers was supposedly entombed off the coast in a rocky outcropping.

The tomb is said to be in the center of those rocks in a small pond.

Hmmmm....dried squid.

As this cute little girl was enjoying her piece of dried squid tentacle, I tried to imagine my niece Abbey doing the same. Maybe I'll bring her back some of the stuff to see if she likes it.

The round flat stuff in the picture below are slices of dried parrot fish. Vendors heat it up on a bed of hot rocks which soften it some and then cut it into pieces. It's a bit chewy but not bad.

The local fisherman picking fish out of their nets.

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karmaking1111 said...

Looks beautiful. I can't wait to visit.
As for the bus, did you know you actually have to flag down the buses in in Korea or they will pass right by. That's a fairly useful bit of info. to know.
I never understand the fascination with dried squid. They sell it all over, on the street, at baseball games, and apparently on the beach. It's smelly enough to drive away flies and tough enough to resole shoes. Still, when in Rome.