Monday, February 28, 2011

32 flavors and then some...

I have lived in a number of places in my life. I don't think this is my fact, this is one of the few things I do attribute to my upbringing. I was a gypsy as far back as I can recall...and further since there is documentation of moves made before I was in short pants. I moved approximately 13 times before I ever graduated from high school. Apparently, I'm not one of those people who suddenly turn the other way and stop the craziness from continuing...oh no! I continued on in the tradition I was raised. Since I moved to Arizona after graduating from high school, I've lived in 19 other places. That's 32 different places in 33 years of life. Not all of these were my were none of the moves before I graduated high school - except one move in California to a beautiful house with an atrium and possibly a ghost. I also went on vacation one New Year's to New Orleans...when I came back my roommate had moved me to a new house...that's a whole other story on its own. :)

I've once again moved to a new place that wasn't my idea. Jason and I were informed that we needed to move to a new apartment before the semester started this year. Why? Because students are loud and obnoxious in every country. Actually, our school has "dorms" in a few of the different apartment complexes near campus. Apparently, the students in one of these apartments were too loud for the occupants below them. The old crotchety man on the third floor had complained so many times to the school, that they finally decided to move the students to a new location...our location. Since our apartment is furnished by the university, we really didn't have a say in the matter. The only bright spot at the time, was that I finally didn't have to schlep any household goods from one spot to another. They hired a moving company. Score!

Now that we've settled into our new digs, we actually like them better. The apartment complex is better situated near restaurants and stores, the grounds are nicer and full of trees and flowers, and we're closer to the earth. Our last two places in Korea were on the 15th and 16th floor. Now we're on the 4th floor and it's so much nicer. Not only because I think I'd probably survive a jump if the building caught on fire, but because the view is so much more human. I feel more connected with life down here - I can hear the birds, see the trees, and hear the kids screaming on the playground.

So, move number 32 is a success. I'll have to thank the students for giving the old guy downstairs heartburn when I see them around campus.

We live in the LG XI apartments - supposedly the same ones that Yu-na Kim lived in.

What does Xi stand for? X-tra Intelligence, of course.

We have a nice long reflexology path on the grounds.

We haven't walked on it barefoot yet...being cold and all still.

There are several gym/playgrounds.

It takes a while to figure some of the equipment out. Jason's walking toward what we think is a climbing wall.

Jason standing out in front of our building.

One thing that is a let down compared to our last place is our shoe closet. No more his and hers - we've had to intergrate our shoes.

Guest Bathroom

Clothes/Bike/Yoga/Ironing Room

Kitchen & Living Room

Notice the oven and the dish washer - we're high class.

Our vestibule porch area is quite nice in this place.

View from our apartment

Our Office - where Jason has been camped out all semester working on his master's classes.

Our Bathroom - off the dressing area & bedroom

Dressing Area

Bedroom - I've decided that it's impossible to get a good shot of a usually ends up as a picture of a bed. Oh well...


Jessie said...

Very nice apartment! Although I'm not sure on that jump from the 4th floor....looks pretty high up...

Sarah Schmidt Behuniak said...

I could make it...;)