Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Acting Debut

Stephanie isn't the only actor in the family anymore. She has competition. Jason and I (and our co-worker Nate) will be starring in a government sponsored ad for the Jolla provinces in Korea. What were our qualifications you ask...being non-Korean. Yup - that's all I seem to need these days. ;)

On an early Friday morning we were whisked off to the Chungju Dam to create a commercial. The purpose of said commercial is to bring business to the sparsley populated provinces of Jeollabuk-do and Jeollnam-do. The scenario was that Nate and I were business people - I think. Jason was a construction worker. When we asked the producer why he didn't get people from the area to do the commercial he asked, "Do you know any foreigners in Jolla?" Well neither did he. I guess that makes us lucky. We were paid hansomely for a half an hour of standing in the sun and saying a few words.

We weren't the only actors on hand that day. A little girl and boy about 10 years old were also there. I had to walk with Nate toward the kids who were standing on the edge of the lake throwing rocks. My monologue consisted of "Hey girl" as I walked toward the children. When the girl turned toward me, I handed her a bouquet of flowers. Then I gave her a present. After a few dozen takes I guess I got it right...'cause Jason was up next.

He worked alone...with only a backhoe as a prop. He had to step out of the backhoe, give a thumbs up sign, and say "Wonderful." It was pretty serious work and we gave it all we had.

After lunch with the "crew", our friends Thomas and Uhna picked us up and we headed to the southern islands for a weekend trip. We didn't do any swimming as the waters were teaming with jelly fish but it was still a great time.

The directors doing what directors do...standing around and smoking. I think...

The camera men in their official hats.

It looks glamous, doesn't it?

I have no idea why I give the girl flowers or a present. It must be metaphorical.

Working hard...

Jason gave an Academy Award winning performance - just look at the enthusiasm of his thumb.

We stayed near the harbor the first night of our weekend trip.

The next morning we watched the fisherman load their catch into cargo crates. If you look closely you can see the steam rising from the fish - apparently due to them being frozen in the hold of the ship to stay fresh throughout the entire fishing trip.


I'm always thankful when things are translated into English - even though they usually turn out like this.

No chairs on the ferry either...

I saw at least two different types of jellyfish on our trip. These were the most spectacular. I'd estimate they were 2.5 feet long and at least a foot wide.

Pulling into Yokjido Harbor.

Thomas and Uhna against a beautiful backdrop.

We drove around the island looking at the beautiful views while searching for a pension.

Different view of the harbor.

The view from our pension.

The road along the shore was lined with raw fish stalls. I do like sushi but after a bad experience with the Korean version we decided to forgo this treat.

Sesame and chilis drying in the sun.

We barely made it on the last ferry pulling out of town on Sunday afternoon. Thomas' truck is the silver and blue one up against the gate. I wouldn't have minded another day there...

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