Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of Semester

We've been keeping really busy here in Gunpo. The semester has flown by and we're now on summer vacation. We're going to visit the States again in a week. We've decided to flip our schedule - go home in the summer and travel around Asia in the winter. I love spending the holidays with family...but being couped up inside for a vacation isn't ideal. I'm really looking forward to hanging out by the pool in New York this summer and camping a ton while we're in Wyoming.

Since I've been a bit lax lately, I thought I'd post a photo summary of a few things we've done in the last few months in Korea. I figured it would be best to catch you all up before we see you again. :0)

Jason, Jake, Marnie, Fritz, and I went to the Lantern Festival in Insadong in May.

Lotus Lantern.

Ladies getting ready for the parade.

More parade folks.

Knick Knack shop.

Jake and Jason seem to share a love of wandering down random alleys.

The lanterns weren't typical laterns as you can see.

Most of them were around 15 - 20 feet tall.

And some of them breathed Bear Gryllis would say, "It was just awesome!"

Kellee, Dale, and their daughter Abbey came up to Seoul for a visit. We went to the DMZ and the War Memorial Museum. It was so cool! I learned so much about the Korean War. I think I'll start going to the non-arty museums from now on.

The DMZ is the most heavily fortified border in the world. We went there around the time that the North was shooting off rockets. Maybe that was why I found it so fascinating.

People come to the DMZ and leave memorials. It's possible they're for the families that were seperated during the war, or maybe just in solidarity for other human beings.

It rained the whole day so we didn't get very many pictures. Jason didn't want his fancy camera to get wet.

Isn't he cute?

Yes, there are train tracks that run to Pyeongyang. People aren't allowed to travel by train to North Korea's just for grain and other relief supplies that the South sends to them via the Sunshine Policy agreement.

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