Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oegosan Pottery Village

Jason and I went to a traditional pottery village with Jared, Sarah, and Luke a few weeks ago. Although it was one of the poorest areas I've seen in Korea they produce some beautiful stuff and it was a great experience. Koreans are revered for their pottery throughout Asia, especially a bluish green colored pottery that they produce. They also make a ton of kimchi pots since everyone here eats kimchi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (no joke)

Many of you probably know and love kimchi (at least my Minnesota friends) but for those of you who don't know, it's the national dish of Korea. When a Korean asks if you like kimchi there's only one enthusiatic yes. Actually most Koreans I've met don't necessarily ask if I like Korean food. Instead they say, "Korean food. Is it delicious?"

There are over a hundred varieties of kimchi but the most popular or common one is spicy fermented cabbage. No matter what you order at a restaurant you will receive a number of side dishes - at least one of them will be common kimchi. I've come to like a pickled radish one. It's neon yellow, crunchy, and a bit sour. My taste buds are changing already.

The aforementioned side dishes.
stacks of pottery

Traditional pottery kiln...

still in use.

I'm a little frightened of goats - I have been ever since I was chased by one when I was in kindergarten. This guy was roaming around the pear orchards near the pottery village.
Asian pear trees

Kimchi pots and me.

Jason checking out the goods. (notice the bluish green pottery in the background)

Sarah and Luke. Isn't he a cutie?

The redevelopment plan for the village. I think they're going to tear down the old houses and put in condos.

Yep, there they are.
Just kidding - I think.

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