Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our Korean Christmas

I feel like I'm falling behind on my goal of keeping up with my blog and I've only just started. The solution I've come up with is to write less and post more pics.

On Christmas Day, Jason and I were able to watch our nieces and nephew open presents (Christmas Eve in Wyoming) by using skype and a webcam. It made the holiday seem more special that I was able to see their adorable faces.

Here's where we spent Christmas Day. It's a bamboo forest (more park than forest actually) in Ulsan.

A few days before Christmas, Jason and I went to a Tol party for Jared and Sarah's son, Luke. It's a first birthday party with more pomp and circumstance than I've ever seen for a one year old. The significance of this is that the infant mortality rate used to be extrememly high - so there was cause to celebrate when a child reached their first birthday. It's also when the child's future is predicted. Several items made of clay are placed on a table in front of the child. Whichever item the child chooses first determines his future.

Bow and arrow: the child will become a warrior
Spool of thread: the child will have a long life
Jujube: the child will have many descendants
Pencil: the child will become a successful scholar
Rice cake: the child will become rich
Paintbrush: the child will be an artist
Knife: the child will be a good cook

Luke choose the spool of here's to Luke having a long and happy life. Kom bei!


karmaking1111 said...

The kid can choose a knife? I'm not sure what parenting book recommends that. Couldn't they use a spatula instead?

Matt said...

This will be the closest I've come to blogging, leaving a comment on your blog. Anyway, glad to hear things are going well in Korea! Brandon mentioned that you had a blog now, and a Google search on "Sarah Schmidt blog korea teaching" pulled it right up. Not sure if you or Jason are Irish, but Happy Saint Patrick's Day either way!